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About Us

Ramnika Foundation (a trust) was formed in 1995 and registered in 1997 at Hazari Bagh, Jharkhand. At present it operates from its permanent administrative office at Delhi. It is a non-profit, non-political and secular organization.

Why was Ramnika Foundation formed?

The Foundation was formed to provide a platform for the unheard voices of the downtrodden sections of the society, including Tribals, Dalits, Women and other Indian minorities. The aim of the Foundation is to bring them into the national mainstream through social mobilization, literature, art and culture and strive to build a new social order based on social justice, rational and logical thinking, pragmatism and a scientific outlook.Why Dalits, Tribals and Women?

It is well known that these communities form nearly 85% of India’s total population. The isolation of these communities from the national mainstream and the injustice meted out to them is an historical fact. The rationale to form the Foundation is to bring these communities out of isolation, create leaders, engender self respect, and empower them to change both the mindset of others towards them and their own mindset as well.


For the purpose of developing of the human resources of the targeted communities the Foundation will:-

  • Train the targeted communities in critical thinking by organizing workshops, meetings, and dialogues on social, educational, literary and cultural issues.
  • Prepare a series of articles by the targeted communities to engender a feeling of competiveness, logical thinking, attitudinal change, self respect, and the skills to develop themselves intellectually and vocationally.

The Foundation will work for the development of Literature, art and sculpture of the targeted communities.

  • Publish, organize workshops, hold dialogues, organize exhibitions, provide training, and create special projects for the above.
  • Conduct research.
  • Establish libraries and archives.
  • Give financial assistance and facilities for writing books on specific issues affecting these communities.

To remove social evils and discrimination, the Foundation shall

  • Make available for the targeted communities the literature and thoughts of social reformers, revolutionaries, social scientists and philosophers.
  • Publish research and surveys about existing types of exploitation, torture and discriminatory behavior.
  • this information to develop and implement schemes to rehabilitate the affected communities.
  • Give them legal assistance.

Popularize and develop Hindi language as link language in India by

  • Translating literature of other languages and dialects of the country into Hindi.
  • Translating Hindi literature into other languages and dialects of the country.

To raise the social status of women and children the foundation will

  • Fight for their rights.
  • Implement Governmental and non-governmental projects for their benefit.
  • Organize camps to give legal aid and information.

Organize and run programmes for assistance of physically and mentally disabled children.

Educate marginalized peoples, especially SC, ST and women, with a view to liberate them from social, economic, cultural and psychological discrimination.

Provide legal information and assistance to landless labourers, nomads, child labourers and the targeted communities to fight for their rights.

Implement medical aid and relief measures for the common men, women and children of marginalized communities.