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To motivate writers from these communities the Ramnika Foundation awarded the writers for their contribution in development of literature of their community. They are:

  • Birsa Munda Samman to a Dalit writer
  • Savitri Bai Phule Samman to a Woman writer
  • Safdar Hashmi Samman for communal harmony and democratic writing
  • Markham Samman to a non-Hindi writer for writing in Hindi. Later in 2003 this award was changed to Raji Samman and was given for translation work from other languages to Hindi and vice versa.

The Awards were presented at the Ramnika Foundation Samman Samaroh in the years, 2000, 2003 and for 2006 and 2009 in 2009. Two other awards were started at the recommendation of AITLF in 2005. The award was named “Bharat Adivasi Samman”. Two Tribal writers were awarded this award in 2005 and four were awarded in 2009 for the years 2007 and 2009.


Some of the books published by Ramnika Foundation are being used in University courses as reference materials on Tribal, Dalit and Women issues for M Phil. and Ph.D. by students.

Many of the writers have been praised and recognized for their work in the development of literature, languages and recording history of these communities. Some of the writers recognized by the Foundation have also been awarded by the Sahitya Academy and other Governmental bodies and institutions.


Communal Harmony
  • 1. The Foundation published a booklet on the Gujrat Riots that contained
  • a. A detailed report on how Aadivasi’s were incited by money lenders to participate in the riots
  • b. The conditions of religious minorities in the camps after the riots and other information.
  • 2. Letters have been sent to progressive Muslim writers to contribute their articles, stories and poems on the issue of communal harmony and against religious fundamentalism. The compilation will be then published by the Foundation.
Backward Community

Articles written by writers from the backward communities are being collected regarding their history, problems and struggles. These will be published in a book form by the Foundation.

Computer Training

The Foundation was running a Computer Training programme for the target community from 2001 to 2010 in Hazaribagh, Barkagoan and Ranchi,. These were closed due to lack of funding.


Peoples Linguistic Survey of India, a programme undertaken by Bhasha Research & Publication Center, Baroda to survey the status of languages in India. Ramnika Foundation and its frontal organisation All India Tribal Literary Forum (AITLF) has contributed in immense way for conducting survey in the state of Jharkhand. The foundation and AITLF organized number of workshops and meetings for the successful completion of survey. A team of educationists, linguistic scholars and activists was formed and as result, the survey of 18 languages (Tribal and Non-Tribal) of Jharkhand was completed successfully.

This survey had encouraged people’s movement to save the endangered languages of Jharkhand, the languages which have lost in blind race of new modernism and new world order. It had also given momentum to the ongoing process to recognise the languages at state level. Ramnika Foundation, AITLF and Bhasha received unexpected support from Media, Academicians, linguistic scholars and people in general for this noble cause. This enormous support from organisations and individual would become a campaign to save the languages, culture and heritage of people of India. This historical survey would become a milestone for saving the age-old civilization of India especially of tribal’s.


The foundation could not have achieved the above without the dedication and selfless hard work of our countless volunteers, Board members, staff of the Foundation and the countless hours of work put in by Mrs. Ramnika Gupta herself.

The main funding source has been funds personally provided by Mrs. Ramnika Gupta, the founder, collections and other donations given to the Foundation.

Staff of the Foundation comprises of five permanent staff, four part time staff. Work also is done through outsourcing.

In kind help

  • 1. Volunteers provide in kind help by giving their time free of charge to: (a) Translate (b) Editing (c) Proof reading (d) Do research work at regional level (e) Collection of oral and written materials.
  • 2. Help provided by writers free of charge:
  • a. Contribution of writings by writers on request by Foundation and voluntarily on their own.
  • b. Material collection is done in the conferences, seminars and in workshops.


The Foundation was formed by its founder members, Mrs Ramnika Gupta, Social Worker, Trade Unionist, Poet and Writer and Mr. K. K. Nag, VC of Vinoba Bhave University, Hazari Bagh, Bihar.