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To achieve its objectives for the Dalits, the Foundation decided to mobilize people from the Dalit community at a major level in 1997. A Dalit Sahitya Lekhak Sammelan (The Dalit Writers Conference) was organised at Hazaribagh jointly by the Foundation and Vinoba Bhave University of Hazaribagh (Jharkhand). It was attended by more than 200 poets, writers, cultural artist, philosophers, academicians, activists and social workers. Delegates representing 10 languages came from different states. The Governors of Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh also attended.

Debates were held on:

  • The Introduction of Dalit literature into the educational curriculum from the primary school level to the college level in order to promote social change.
  • Novels written by women writers on Tribals.
  • Definition and aesthetics of Dalit Literature

Resolutions passed

  • To introduce Dalit literature into the educational curriculum from the primary school level to the college level.
  • A call was given to the writers of the Dalit community to prepare books for the effective implementation of this resolution.


A report of the conference was published in issues No. 41 and 42 of Yudhrath Aam Aadmi, a popular journal of the marginalized section.

A compilation of Dalit literature was published in the form of seven books in the Hindi language.

List of publications

  • Dalit Chetna: Poetry – Poems of 42 Dalit poets.
  • Doosri Dooniya ka yatharth – stories of 28 Dalit writers
  • Dalit Chetna: Sahitya – articles and interview of 13 social activists and scholars of Marathi and Hindi.
  • Dalit Chetna: Soch – articles on 12 subjects written by 28 Dalit writers in Hindi, Marathi, Malyalam and English languages.
  • Telegu sahitya mein Dalit Dastak – short stories, poems, folklore, novel, excepts memoirs, articles, critical appraisals, plays etc. in Telegu and translated into Hindi.
  • Gujrati sahitya mein Dalit Kalam - originally short stories, poems, folklore, excepts, memoirs, articles, critical appraisals, Plays etc. originally in Gujrati and translated into Hindi.
  • Punjabi sahitya mein Dalit Kadam - Compilation of short stories, poems, folklores, part of novels, memoirs, articles, critical appreciations, Plays etc. in Punjabi and translated into Hindi.

The President of the Foundation was approached by many Tribal writers and editors of Tribal magazines who requested that books on Tribal literature should also be published by the Foundation.