Dear Friends,

Isn’t it ironic that institutionalized discrimination is an everyday reality even after 68 years of independence?

Tribals, Dalit, Women & Religious minorities form nearly 85% of India’s total population. However, they are socially discriminated against by the remaining 15%, who consider themselves to be a privileged religious majority & from a“forward class”.

Can we call ourselves a democratic &civilized society of the 21st century when we discriminate against one another purely based on ethnicity, caste, gender& religion?

Come, join me in my fight for social justice &equality on their behalf. Help me bring them out of isolation, empower them and create leaders who inspire moral outrage and social mobilization to stop these atrocities.

It is the untold stories of their struggles, the painful realities of their everyday being and voices of the unheard that we bring center stageby preserving their languages, their literature &their art. We create awareness,understanding and respect for the richness of their culture. We strive to be the catalyst for anew social order where every citizen is truly free & equalin the mind-set of people of this nation.

Join us & witness the power of YOUR pen…one story at a time. I encourage you to assist us in our endeavor in any way you can.

  • Translating into Hindi
  • Editing our magazine & books
  • Compiling literary works
  • Typing, website maintenance & other office work
  • Tax exempt donation under ATG (provide link here)
  • Order our publications (provide link here)

I look forward to your support,
(Ramnika Gupta)

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