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Success Stories

Some of the books published by Ramnika Foundation are being used in University courses as reference materials on Tribal, Dalit and Women issues for M Phil. and Ph.D. students.

Many of the writers have been praised and recognized for their work in the development of literature, languages and recording the history of these communities. Some of the writers recognized by the Foundation have also been recognized by the Sahitya Academy and other governmental bodies and institutions.

Computer Training

The Foundation ran Computer Training programs for the target community from 2001 to 2010 in Hazaribagh, Barkagoan and Ranchi. These were closed due to lack of funding.


People’s Linguistic Survey of India is a program undertaken by Bhasha Research & Publication Center, Baroda to survey the status of languages in India. Ramnika Foundation and its subsidiary organization the All India Tribal Literary Forum (AITLF) has contributed in on immense way to the conducting of this survey in the state of Jharkhand. The foundation and AITLF organized a number of workshops and meetings for the successful completion of survey. A team of educating, linguistic scholars and activists was formed and as result, the survey of 18 languages (Tribal and Non-Tribal) of Jharkhand was completed successfully.

This survey has encouraged a people’s movement to save the endangered languages of Jharkhand, the languages which have lost in blind pursuit of new modernism and new world order. It also gave momentum to the ongoing process of recognizing the languages at the state level. Ramnika Foundation, AITLF and Bhasha received unexpected support from the media, Scholars and people in general for this noble cause. This enormous support from organisations and individuals became a campaign to save these languages and the culture and heritage of the people of India. This historical survey became a milestone for saving the age-old civilization of India particularly, that of the tribals.