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Women Empowerment


The work on women’s and Dalit issues started immediately upon the inception of the Foundation, even before its registration.

1994 -1996

The foundation published two literary compilations covering issues relating to the exploitation of children, women and domestic servants. Other issues like prostitution, the Babri Masjid controversy, education, mafia etc. were also covered in these books.

  • Adhunik Mahila Lekhan—Kavita: A compilation of poems written by more than 40 famous women poets all over the country.
  • Adhunik Mahila Lekhan—Kahani: A compilation of short stories written by 15 famous women writers all over the country.
  • Hashiye Ulanghti Istri—Kavita: We have already documented the poetry of 334 women poets or poetesses in 30 Indian languages and dialects. This is yet to be published in book form.

2003 - 2011

The Foundation started research work on what “Women’s Liberation” means to women through their life experiences. This was done by asking women writers from all over the country to submit writing on this issue. On the basis of these articles, poems, stories and memoirs we found that “Women’s Liberation” has different meaning for women living in different parts of the country based on diverse geographical, economic and social conditions.

On the basis of these findings we plan to publish a series of writings in journals books on this issue. The plan is to translate the material from different languages into Hindi and publish a book of poems, a book of stories and a book of articles showing the development of the Women’s Liberation movement through literature in various parts of the country. It will help a larger number of women participate and encourages them to write more about their condition. This will help to build new leadership amongst women and empower them. This will help bring an attitudinal change towards woman to society.


  • The Foundation has published the writings in 334 poetesses of 29 languages representing 25 states in the literary magazine “Yudhrath Aam Admi” in 2011.The poems of women writers from 12th century onwards were included.
  • A conference was organized jointly by the Foundation, Sahitya Academy and Yudhrath Aam Admi on March 26, 2011. The conference was titled Hashiye Ulanghti Stree Kavita. This was held in honour of Womens Day. At the conference, poems were recited by women poets, from all over the country, in their own languages and also in translation, on the topic of overcoming marginalization. Twenty four languages were covered. The conference was attended by more than 200 writers and women activists.